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I have always loved to travel. As a child growing up in Ohio, I Ioved to collect souvenir spoons with the names of the 50 states on them you got at Stuckey’s roadside stores. They were badges of my journeys in the back seat of my parents’ car traversing the Midwest with occasional trips to Florida.

As an adult, my love affair with travel continued. Africa, India, and Southeast Asia were just a few of the amazing places I have been incredibly fortunate to experience. My vacations became more curated with 5-star hotels, private drivers, and customized tours. Passport stamps and SkyMiles were my new travel badges.

I had become an accomplished tourist.

Despite my adventures, I still had a deep yearning for a different relationship with travel. Something beyond the whirlwind of bucket-list checkmarks. I wanted to wander down random paths and see where they would lead. I craved to have meaningful conversations with people who actually lived in a place their entire lives.

I didn’t want to casually date travel anymore. I wanted a deeper, long-term commitment.

So in early 2022, after many months of thoughtful planning, my husband and I divested our businesses, sold our home in Atlanta, Georgia, and set off to experience a travel lifestyle beyond that of a whirlwind tourist.

My travel lifestyle has been full of unexpected adventures. Some hilariously funny and others that touch my heart in places I didn’t know existed.

By far, the greatest joy has been sharing these experiences with others.   Whether you are a fellow traveler sharing a common bound, a tourist looking for inspiration for your next new two-week vacation or are just curious about other places, people, and culture, I hope you will come along for the ride.


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